Washington DC: The Places Stratt Took Me


My name is Courtney and I am taking time to write this blog because I missed my flight.

I have spent the last few days visiting my friend, Danielle. She is in medical school at GW and killing it in the game, meanwhile I'm over here like... I kind of went to college for a couple years... 

Anyway, Danielle, being the Achiever that she is, planned and booked some of the most amazing foodie spots for us to brunch, chat, and chill.

If you plan on being in Washington DC you must visit the following places (I saved my favorite for last, but not in any type of order) : 

1. Farmers Fishers Bakers  (brunch) // talk about buffet.. this place is the cutest with a farm to table layout. Healthy options + fried chicken & tacos. Aka they have everything. Make a reservation. We ate here on our way to George Town. It's on the river and so lovely.

2. The Hamilton (brunch) // culture + quality is what you will find here. Being located right across the street from the White House, you can't help but feel like you're eating brunch with GW himself. Food was amazing! They also have a brother restaurant called Clydes in George Town. D took me there last time I was in town - the cutest. 

3. il Canale (afternoon lunch, early dinner) // italian italian italian. This place was SO cute and run by the cutest Italians in town. D picked this place because of the quality of the food vs. the ambiance of the Italian place next door (more artsy etc.). She picked correct. This was just the perfect meal after strolling the streets of George Town. Danielle & Stephen are regs there and knew to get a coupon off Groupon which made it even better. Win, win.

4. BTS (burger/snack for Grey) // grey got to join my trip for a couple days.. of course he needs to eat a meal every 42 minutes so we stopped by BTS near (maybe on) GW campus. He built quite the masterpiece of a burger and it looked delish.

5. Tico (dinner) // after going through a strenuous rating conclusion for this place, we decided: food was amazing, cool place, but a little expensive. Small plates Spanish style - I would definitely still recommend because quality of food was so good. But, still didn't receive a 5 out of 5 stars on "value" from us. 

6. Daikaya **absolute favorite** (dinner) // this. place. was. amazing. Daikaya was by far my favorite place. There are two levels - we were upstairs at the main restaurant- make a reservation, AND THEN EAT THE BEST FOOD EVER (Japanese). and the best part, small plates $3-7 a plate. Try. It. All. - that was our MO going into the night. We sureeee did. I would go here again. I would go hear once a month if there were one in Dallas. 

F O O D & Friends - definitely the summary of my trip. With a couple visits to Honest Abe, of course. 

Here are some pics from the trip. Irrelevant to this blog because I did not take any food picks because I was clearly not planning on missing my flight and writing a food blog. Enjoy, and go to DC. 

**resturaunts are all linked in descriptions** 



^ me faking feels about missing my flight..... 

Courtney Copeland