Court's Personal Space

Am I the only one who sometimes wants to make PSA's beyond Facebook? Well, that's what I am going to be using this space for: writing, telling, venting, encouraging, or whatever I want, without having to deal with people bashing me afterwards for it.

Thank you to my husband, Grey, for letting me steal a page off his website since I really don't need my own.

I'm excited to say, 2017 is officially looking bright and exciting!

We are so excited to see what The Lord is going to be doing in our lives! Between Grey's career, Reaction Tour, and ONE - I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. 

However, i do feel like excitement is a choice [kind of how La La Land Cast felt when they realized they actually didn't win- they chose to be excited for the Cast of Moonlight the other night]. Right now, my life feels a little chaotic. But, I know the truth I'm grounded in (Jer. 29:11), and i know all things work together for His good! Grey and I just got done writing out everything that's going on our vision board for this year (pics maybe coming soon, idk). 2017 looks pretty dang good. 

2017 - let's do this.

Courtney Copeland